"Your hands and Naggura, the best team ever"

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“We shake up the field of treatment tables”

We team up with the best professionals in the physiotherapy and osteopathy field to design a collection of treatment tables that break the rules of the most conventional design. A work carried out by an enthusiastic team that does not settle for the rules dominated by the sector. We create innovating spaces where the pros can make the most of their practice in a better working environment. Do you want to join the Naggura team?


NRUN collection by NAGGURA

N’RUN is our first creation. A premium line of physiotherapy and osteopathy tables developed to make the professional’s work easier and to offer the best comfort to patients.


Physiotherapy electrical table

N’GO is our smart line of treatment tables that highlight for their sports look and improved features. They have been designed and built to cope with the intense work rhythm of the physiotherapist.

Some of the pros that trust in Naggura

«Since I started working in the physiotherapy field for over 15 years, I knew that I didn’t want to follow certain rules and I decided to learn and gain experience in order to reach my set goals. Both in the field of training and in the centre, I bet for quality, innovation and values. That’s why I put my faith in Naggura because this brand stands for its values and for the passion to do things right by going out of the ordinary. In order be different, you must do different things.”

Christian Fernandez FIOS Formación

“The only thing a good osteopath needs is a good table. At EMPO all the tables we have are of excellent quality and Naggura ones are a clear example: we must be able to adjust them with our feet and all the sections must be adjustable. This is a priority in our school because the treatment table is the main tool and, accordingly, the most important investment of the osteopath”

Antonio Arcos. EMPO School

“I have been in the field of physiotherapy for over 20 years and I have always been very demanding regarding the material and equipment I work with. The quality of the material is directly related to the result I seek in every single patient. That’s why I chose Naggura, for the quality of the product. Moreover I share the values of Naggura and I try to break up preset moulds and bring physiotherapy a step forward.”

Pablo Llanes. Holystic Rehabilitation Centre.

Reasons to choose our tables

At the time of the table purchase, you join Naggura family and we want to thank you for your vote of confidence. The fact of acquiring the main working tool is not just a simple purchase. You also need commercial assistance and advice in your language, a quick shipping service, a technical after-sales service and, above all, a guarantee of quality. A labour of love is the Philosophy of Naggura.

Quality assurance

We manufacture them, we apply the quality control and we bring our technical assistance at your service. This is our quality promise.


Naggura with the pros

We develop, innovate and improve with the advice of physiotherapists and osteopaths of great reputation: our Naggura Ambassadors.


Products in stock*

Thanks to our stock in Barcelona we can guarantee fast shipping so that you can use the table for the first time and as soon as possible.