The core values Naggura

“If you have the will, you will find the strength.”

Naggura is born as a project of a young team completely devoted to fulfil a common dream: Giving shape and creating technical and genuine furniture which breaks the rules of design and, at the same time, is engineered to achieve the work requirements of the most demanding professionals. Tables of a strong personality that shine with their own light. A project done from the heart; a labour of love.

 Breaking the rules is our motto. But what do we break?

We break out of the routine since nothing original, creative or surprising may arise from boredom and monotony. We break our records because we always try to improve and perform better. We may break a dish into pieces! We are not perfect. That’s how we keep on progressing! We break the rules in order to break new grounds! We break barriers down to overcome all the obstacles on our way.  We break the moulds because we like puzzling you! We break the ice and we break silence because we want to know you better and learn from you.

“Non-conformity leads to dreams being fulfilled .”

Naggura is a dazzling non-conformist brand of physiotherapy and osteopathy tables. We are extremely demanding in terms of functionality, performance and quality, because we are well aware of the technical and daily needs of the professionals of this sector.

Naggura is created and developed by a challenge-lover team who adores high technology and innovation.

If you want different results, do not do the same things

The spirit of improvement defines the team Naggura. This is the power which drives us to perform better and constantly look for new challenges. We never settle for the results. We pursue our dreams and we do not stop until they come true. Some basic ingredients are necessary to achieve success: effort, determination, imagination, strong will, talent and, from time to time, some obstacles to overcome. This is how we have managed to create a new generation of tables.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

African proverb

Our Showrooms

Berga – Barcelona

Camí de Garreta 92, Pol. Ind La Valldan 08600
+34 938 24 90 20


Rambla del Prat 2, Pral. 1a A,  08012
+34 938 24 90 20

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