N'GO Treatment tables

Breaking the rules


    N'GO line

    N’GO is a collection of treatment tables which combine simplicity, quality and design. The shape of the base is inspired on a runner who is down on his marks, just about to start a race; ready and steady to go. Tables conceived on the premise that the best ideas are the simplest ones. Their soft, round and fine shapes contrast their strong personality and born-fighter spirit.


    The N'GO treat table
    Vital in your workplace


    The N'GO osteotable
    The osteopath's closest friend


    The N'GO table chair
    The steep chair


    The N'GO physiotable
    The classical treatment table


    Every single detail has been cared to the most to build up a smart, practical and compact table with all the technical solutions integrated in its design. The maximum priority: developing a functional product for the physiotherapist and, at the same time, the best bed to lie down on.
    Don't look back, be brave & go ahead!

    Inner & Outer beauty

    "Design is not just what it looks like or feels like. Design is how it works."

    Steve Jobs




    The best ideas are the simplest.
    The table has been designed to facilitate the work of the physiotherapist. Easy-to-handle structure, smart technical solutions and modern design are the key elements of N’GO.



    Effortless move
    2-wheel system at one side of the bed. Lift the table effortlessly: take it from one side to lift it and move it like a chariot to the desired position.



    The workable work table
    N’GO has been designed to join aesthetics and practicity but, above all, to serve people with efficient solutions.

    Peripheral switch Go up or down from the side or from the table ends.

    Linear bar & Built-in pedal switch

    N'GO has a practical and intuitive system to adjust the height of the table. At both sides, simply push the ends of the linear bar to make the table go up and down according to your working needs.
    The height control is accessible from all the working points in order to keep always close to the patient. At the table ends, 2 pedal switches act to adjust the height. The result: a peripheral system that ensures optimum working ergonomics.

    Upholstery The perfect skin

    The table has been delicately designed no matter the angle view. Rear and non-visible parts are cared to the most. Tables are carefully upholstered offering a perfect finishing to the whole surface.

    The advanced vinyl protection ensures optimum quality and durability while being the perfect protection against germs, abrasion and stains. Impeccable coating that makes it suitable for any practitioner’s workspace and simply perfect in healthcare environments.

    Details like the stitching finishing all around the table turn it simply sophisticated and delicate.

    Colours Naggura is white & grey

    Choose the colour that will fit your cabinet. Get swept up in a Graphite cosmopolitan atmosphere or just relax in a snow-covered landscape with Pure white.