N'RUN treatment tables

Breaking the rules


    N'RUN line

    N'RUN is a collection of physiotherapy furniture which stands out for a clearly innovative and refreshing design. Tables conceived to break the rules of conventional shapes and created for approaching the way the professional works.


    Essential in your workplace


    The key for any osteopath


    The vertical chair


    The classical treatment table


    Intuitive Dynamic Hi-Tech Daring Unique

    Every single detail has been studied to integrate all the technical solutions in the table design. The maximum priority: developing a technical, functional and comfortable product for the physiotherapist while providing extra comfort to patients. Precious design and optimum quality go hand in hand. Dont’ be a follower, be a rule breaker! Choose N’RUN

    Outer beauty

    The external look of the table has been cared to the most. the table base is finished with a textured greyish white painting with delicate printed details.

    Inner beauty

    Beauty is also inside. The chassis turns the table into a complete even volume built-up as a whole. The parts that integrate the chassis are made od solid steel and aluminium pieces with non-visible welding joints.




    The NRUN can be equipped with a heating system. Feel its warmth deeply into the skin.



    Excellence and reliability in the components used. Linak© motors and Stabilus© gas lifts confer total safety and blind trust in the table.



    Easy access to the height controlling device all around the table. A fully integrated system which ensures intuitive handling.



    Striking base that challenges the rules of convention. For daring people.



    Handlebar support that offers optimum comfort to patients. Naggura’s design breaking rules.



    Paper-roll holder (option) adapted to the table frame created to make the most of your work. Simply effective.



    Robust structure designed to optimise the power and loading capacity of the motors. Solid high-stability base that turns the table into the pillar of your work.



    High-end Spradling© upholstery made of vinyl coated fabric that offers optimum quality, resistance and durability in healthcare environments. The perfect skin for your table.



    Turn your workplace into a relaxing landscape. Make up your choice with Naggura colours.



    Hidden 4-wheel lifting system that allows moving the table freely. It brings it down easily and quickly. Flexibility without limits.



    Handlebar support

    Keep a grip on it

    Ergonomic foldable hand support with a design inspired on a handlebar to be held by the patient when lying in prone position. It can also be helpful by the professional for pulling the table when moving it.


    Rotary wheels

    A full turn

    Rubber wheels turning at 360º. They confer a free mobility on the bed always without forgetting the importance of design. For this reason, the table includes a lever placed on one end of the base that allows the wheels to be hidden if convenient. The hidden mechanism of the wheels turns the design of the table simply steady and compact.


    Paper-roll holder

    Wrap your table

    Paper-roll holder adapted to the table base conceived for holding rolls of 60 cm length. It has been designed to ensure a quick swap of paper rolls.



    Rest face down

    3-section head rest. The side sections are used as arm rests when the patient lies face down. The arm rests are mechanically adjustable up and down and to the sides to ensure optimum comfort.

    Innovation in motion

    Peripheral switch

    Ergonomic and silent height-controlling device all around the table. The mechanism in each side consists of 2 bars fully integrated in the base making it simply beautiful. In the front and rear part of the table, the height motion is operated by means of 2 foot switches for both up and down movements respectively.

    In the tables equipped with 2 or 3 engines, the peripheral foot switch controls the height while the other motions are controlled by a push button box placed at both sides of the table.

    Upholstery The perfect skin

    The table has been delicately designed no matter the angle view. Rear and non-visible parts are cared to the most. Tables are carefully upholstered offering a perfect finishing to the whole surface.

    The advanced vinyl protection from Spradling© ensures optimum quality and durability while being the perfect protection against germs, abrasion and stains. Impeccable coating that makes it suitable for any practitioner’s workspace and simply perfect in healthcare environments.

    Details like the stitching finishing all around the table turn it simply sophisticated and delicate.

    Colours Naggura is grey and white

    Choose the colour that will fit your cabinet. Get swept up in a Graphite cosmopolitan atmosphere or just relax in a snow-covered landscape with Pure white.