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Learn what’s behind the Naggura project. We know that the fact of choosing a treatment table is very important for your business and for your career. That’s why we want to show you who we are and what we offer.

Technological pioneers

Naggura enters into the market with its new generation of treatment tables which stand out for their completely innovating design and technical optimised solutions.

Work with the best tables! Don’t stay behind!


We reinvent ourselves day by day to improve all the steps in the chain: from design and manufacture of the table to its shipment. We strive to make every single phase of the chain perfect.

Each detail is decisive to make the final result excellent. We are a non-conformist team!

By the side of the pros

We develop and innovate with the help and advice of well known physiotherapists and osteopaths: the Naggura ambassadors.

We collaborate with the pros to provide you with the best of tables!

under control

Quality is synonymous with Naggura. We apply strict quality controls in every single phase of the manufacturing process so that you can simply enjoy it!

Your table is our reason for living; we are responsible for it! 

We speak
your language

We are enthusiastic about our job. We offer customer service, advice and technical support. We know that the purchase of the treatment table is a key moment four your professional career and we want to be by your side with the decision.

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We love talking about tables!

Visit our

Even though we are convinced that you will be in love with Naggura tables, we have showrooms so that you can see, touch and try them.

If you test it, you’ll take it home!

for all of you

We have two collections of different and transgressive treatment tables. They have been designed to make you find the one which can optimally adapt to your professional needs

Which line do you prefer: N’RUN or N’GO?

at street level

Naggura does not end with production and delivery. We go out onto the street to visit some centres and specialised schools to get a close look on how is the Naggura experience.  Follow us in social media to see how Naggura professionals and ambassadors work with our treatment tables. Every single pro from the sector motivated us to move forward and grow.

Your satisfaction is our priority!

How to choose a treatment table

Christian Fernández from FIOS SALUT i FORMACIÓ explains us the key factors to take into consideration when choosing a good treatment table; as after the physiotherapist skills and knowledge, the table is the most important tool for its practice. Quality is obviously the most important factor to take into consideration and Christian highlights 4 more elements to be considered at the time of the great decision:

Ergonomics for the therapists and the patient

Ergonomic lines for both the therapist and the patient. Christian points out NRUN’s peripheral access. The foot bar switch allows all-round and hands-free height operation. The lever activating the headrest is new and practical. It’s as wide as the backrest, so it can be easily adjusted from any point. Regarding patient’s comfort and ergonomics, Christian highlights the design of its breather hole, seamless at the cheek area, which ensures a very comfortable position in face down treatments. Lastly, the handle-bar armrest is highly appreciated by patients for its great comfort during treatments too.

Stability and loading capacity

Stability is a key factor, since Christian treats sportspeople with great muscle mass. Some techniques also require the therapist to get on the table or manipulate the patient without rebound. NRUN tables give a feeling of security to both the patient and the therapist, as their loading capacity is up to 250 kg.


Certainly, the structure and manufacturing base materials are very important. However, other materials, such as those used in upholstery, are subject to intense overuse. High quality upholstery is essential for a long-term duration. Because of friction, lotions and creams a resistant upholstery must be used.

A table with a smart design

Last but not least, Christian outlines the design and image of the tables. This is basically an aesthetic issue, but it is also important. Most treatment tables look alike. NAGGURA’s NRUN is very elegant, attractive and it provides an added value to your center.

Naggura means training

Naggura cooperates with different schools and training centers offering treatment tables to students and professors. As a result of this cooperation, Naggura obtains valuable information about the needs of professors and future professionals of the sector.

This is how Naggura develops the most advanced technologies to be used by the most demanding professionals. Working closely with training centres gives us the opportunity to get a broader and complete vision of every discipline, and to adapt ourselves to the new tendencies of physiotherapy and osteopathy. Naggura is fully engaged with physiotherapists and osteopaths; without them our project would make no sense.

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